Closely Guarded Secrets of the MOST DEVASTATING Combat Hand-to-Hand Fighting System in the History of the WORLD will Totally Transform YOU into an UNSTOPPABLE Engine of Destruction so QUICKLY and EASILY you will be AMAZED!!!!


Armed with the Secrets of HIKUTA you will be able to INSTANTLY drop anyone who dares threaten you or a loved one - no matter how experienced and tough your attacker may be! Regardless of your Age, Gender, or Physical Condition!


Dear Friend,

The following is a sad story repeated over and over again, year in and year out.  But this time the ending would be different.  This time the power of HIKUTA would be unleashed!!


Read on and marvel!!!! :

Patricia King wrote:
Greetings! I bought the original book and video done by DOK Lee in 1993 when I decided to go back to college and spend a lot of time on college parking lots after night classes.  I was uneasy about walking out in the dark and looking for my car.  I am female, five foot tall, one hundred and twelve pounds, and I want you to know that I brought a six foot four, two hundred twenty pound male attacker flat on his back and unconscious with nothing more than the palm of my hand against his chest.  I was defending my teenaged daughter, who was with me.  Wanna talk reflexes?  Wanna talk Chi?  Wanna talk primal cerebellum maternal protective instinct? I  didn't even hit him that hard.  He grabbed me by the arms, and my daughter attacked him in my defense (a good girl) and it escalated and he grabbed her by the upper arms and they grappled. I shouted "STOP!" and hit him with an open palm in the chest (which was all I could reach) in a sort of a "back off!" manner, and he toppled like a tree.  I wound up giving him CPR, and he was much subdued when he woke up. He asked "What did you hit me with?" and I replied, "The palm of my hand." 

In 2000, I had occasion to find a man attempting to break my wrist, actually had it turned completely around (in the legal field it is not uncommon for people to be very unhappy when the truth that may send them to prison comes out, particularly when YOU are the one who found out that truth) and sent him flat with my car keys. 

In 2001, a man attempted to strangle me with my own coat collar, and I slashed him, whimpering, into a corner with a nylon strap from a cloth briefcase.  More than one blow (I was mad.) 

I must be honest, the last thing on my mind in these situations was Hikuta all happened so fast that if I had to consciously think  "Now what the hell was that Hikuta move" it would have been ME on the ground, or under the ground (men think they can bully me.)   DOK Lee did say that the training would become a part of you, and indeed it must have. 

I was just looking at the book and video which surfaced again after doing some housecleaning and wondered if there was anything on the net about Hikuta. I am sorry to hear of the passing of DOK Lee in 2000.  He was an interesting, funny man, and he will be missed.  I kinda wanted to tell him about my encounters, and I'm sorry I waited too long to do so.

Patricia King

Yes, fortunately for herself and her daughter, Pat had the good sense to train in Hikuta.  Keep in mind, that she trained ONLY in the barest basic moves (no where near the quality and quantity you get from my Hikuta courses-but it was the only Hikuta training available at the time), and only a few times a week for a few months.  As a matter of fact, it had been YEARS since she had actually done any Hikuta when the assault occurred. NOW read the below testimonial from Shannon K.:

Hi Everyone,
Let everyone know that you need not be possessed of Arnold's physique.....or Jet's power to destroy an enemy..... all that you need is.....quite simply the need.....and the knowledge.

I was in East St. Louis for gas,and I was confronted by a few ruffians. I was able to confront...and overcome them using Kuta taught to me .

With that in mind...let it be known that I ...for ...personal reasons .....had to travel alone...a YOUNG LOOKING 27 year old female .......into St. Louis Mo.

Upon coming back into Ill..........I realized I had very little gas. So I stopped at the only open station I saw....

I saw the group of men talking as I pumped my gas... but tried to put all bad thoughts from my mind.

I went in to pay........and bought a I was a little tired from the day and thought a bit of caffeine might help......when I noticed that the guys were trailing me.

At my door's edge I was assaulted....being asked for many deviant sexual favours....and being called many derogatory names.

It's funny at this time of danger instinct and training took over! One man grabbed me by the wrist and I used the HANDS OF FURY! I made my keys... and my bottle of soda a deadly weapon to the three assailants.

When all was said and done...two were clutching themselves in pain, and the third was down and out. I was very ....exhilarated as I drove home...prolley shoulda waited for the pop,but I didn't.

I got home and my beloved was wondering what was causing such.........excitement.... I have never told him.....

I can't wait for a training session...and perhaps the opportunity to work as a ..........DEFENDER OF KINGS!

Shannon K.

You probably already know that martial arts, self defense, or fighting systems are perishable skills that need constant training and practice to maintain. With these type of skills you must PRAY that if you do get attacked it will be after you’ve had plenty of time to train long and hard.

Such things matter not with Hikuta.


It's like riding a bike.  Once Hikuta's simple easy concepts become habit (which doesn't take long) it is a skill you will have FOR LIFE!  Hikuta - history's most devastating combat skill - will be with you, like a guardian angel.  Ready to be unleashed like a force of nature whenever needed !!!!!

Welcome to the world of Hikuta - WHERE KNOWLEDGE REPLACES FEAR!

For the first time in nearly a decade the world of deadly Hikuta self defense is open to a select few of the general public!

Hikuta! The warrior system that stands alone as the most effective and efficient combative self-defense system of all time!

Hikuta! Not a system for "martial arts hobbyists"!  You will not find it taught at your local strip mall dojo!  A professional fighting system historically available to true professionals only!

WARNING! HIKUTA IS FOR SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS ONLY- OR FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO TRAIN LIKE ONE!  The very existence of Hikuta is sure to stir controversy!  Hikuta is meant for those professionals who may have to fight for a living: soldiers, law enforcement, bouncers, special operations personnel, etc. - or for the civilian or civilian martial artist who would like to train like one! If this is not your mindset look elsewhere!

NOTE: Since 1992 when Hikuta was first offered on a limited basis it has, as far as anyone knows, THE HIGHEST SATISFACTION RATE IN THE INDUSTRY! Since 2002 when Jack Savage Hikuta was introduced, the Hikuta satisfaction rate has been OFF THE CHARTS! RARELY is there a request for a refund - A truly phenomenal track record!

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Below: An ancient Egyptian graphic showing Kuta Combat Boxing. Fighters are attempting unique Hikuta C strikes and equally unique Hikuta Hand strike techniques.



From a hard core training group:
7. The quickest and most practical training I've seen for learning to strike is...Hikuta: ... it delivers the goods in a way no other ... I've seen matches.

8. There are two problems in striking another person: 1) not striking them hard enough to be effective and 2) hurting your own hand. Hikuta overcomes both these problems very nicely. You do not have to be a big bruiser to stun and undermine the attack of a big bruiser. Also, if you can get your hands on just about any hard object, a hairbrush, a glass, even a tooth brush or a pocket calculator, you've got a deadly and covert weapon - if you know how to use it.

Below: A copy of an ancient Egyptian graphic showing Kuta technique. Note the unique Kuta fists as well as Kuta cross arm position.

Jack Savage offers the following HIKUTA courses (CLICK on the name to learn more):

  • KUTA Hand: This is course contains many of the foundational elements of the Hikuta Combat System and is a good place to start

  • KUTA Basics: The basic principles or Kuta are trained in detail in this program. THIS IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE HIKUTA SYSTEM!

  • Level One - BLACKHEART WARRIOR: This course elaborates on and teaches many applications and combinations of Kuta basics. It also teaches JUIDAI - a vicious commando jiu jitsu-like combat system. Click on the name to learn more!

  • Level Two - TEMPLE GUARD / HIKUTA KNIGHT: This course takes the learner even further into the HIKUTA and JUIDAI systems. You must complete Level One before getting this course.

  • Level Three - KUBLAR / MASTER KNIGHT CHAMPION: This course is only available through personal training with Jack Savage.

  • ANIMAL ATTACK DEFENSE: Jack Savage's course on how to handle animals through HAND-to-FANG Warfare! Click the name to learn more!


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I received [my tapes] early in December and I am just a beginner.  I have had around 12 training sessions ....I have always considered myself to be of average speed or maybe even slower.  After receiving the package I video-taped myself throwing some regular boxing stanced punches and put them on the back burner. After training with the Hikuta package and applying < the>techniques --MAN--I have gained tremendous speed!  I taped myself after 1 month and the difference is incredible.  I have become ten times faster with my strikes--there is no other strike that compares to a Hikuta strike if you ask me---my power has increased also as I have been using a heavy bag.  I am extremely happy with the Hikuta package I ordered and I am looking forward to learning more and more about this art.  I would love to learn some of the Hikuta grappling techniques and countering grabs or holds to throw in the mix with my new found striking ability. Thanx Jack for all your time you have invested to ... Hikuta ... and for your many prompt responses and your great input on the subject!  Will definitely continue to sharpen my skills at Hikuta. I am really stunned by the speed I have gained in such a small amount of time!  I can see what you mean that there is no time to react because even I can tell by watching my video that it is almost as fast as the eye can see---I couldn't imagine how fast you guys are with all of your training involved!
Gennin Q

Hi Jack!
I got it (Hikuta Black Heart Warrior Program) yesterday!

I looked at all the lessons: you are an amazing educator. When you were hitting that the pad- I moved instinctively away from the monitor. You are so powerfully energized!

Looking forward to train under you.


Dear Jack Savage,
Thank you very much for the tapes: I received them last Wednesday.  I can say that I finally found what I had been looking for: a fighting system that delivers what it promises!!!  Dok Lee was surely not a joke, and from what I have seen on your DVD´s neither are you.  I look forward to start training and will keep you informed of my progress!

In the meantime, thanks again for your help and understanding, and for a very swift handling of my request.
Yours Sincerely,
Paul Lamote (Sweden)

Your material is outstanding focusing on the info being put out I would say it is well worth the price for this type of in-depth information and training.  I have been over the last week practicing just from the first tape Hikuta Hand and I can already start to tell the difference from my earlier styles.  My body had to adjust to throwing a strike with the vastly improved speed that I am using now with Hikuta.
The body mechanics of Hikuta are truly outstanding in the way they all blend together to create an amazing technique.

You have convinced me of Hikuta’s effectiveness and I will be training diligently!  Thanks for your time and efforts.

Dear Jack,
The other day I was practicing your Hikuta with friends.  One partner had a big bruise a week later where I just lightly tapped him practicing a Hikuta strike. Tho we were training VERY lightly the result was interesting and convinced me we need good armor to spar.

Hikuta Works Against Wrestlers, Grapplers, and Advanced Fighters - An Elite Combat Fighting System Like NO OTHER!

Hi Jack!
About my Hikuta training:
No one will hold my HIKUTA pad any more, my Hikuta blows are so fast and powerful that I now knock the wind out of and sometimes even knock over my friends even right through the specially made HEAVY  & THICK pad that we use.

Something cool; I've been developing the startle - (an easy to learn basic Hikuta Skill), trying to deliver it through various parts of my body and in different directions.  Yesterday a group of my friends were practicing grappling down at the park and I decided to try my new Hikuta skills out - amazing!

Even against other strong men, Hikuta principles have proven to be an unstoppable technique.  I don't even have to try anymore, I can let myself get in any bad position that exists, and execute an escape and reversal simultaneously.

Even if I warn my opponent what I'm going to do, Hikuta movements shake even the strongest grip right off, making escapes seem like child’s play.  Now I just wait until someone grabs me, on the arm, foot, or wherever, and deliver a shockwave through the limb.
Immediately my limb escapes, and my opponent is off balance, a perfect setup. I even allowed submissions to be applied, and still escaped without effort. My friends noticed that they couldn't lay a hand on me and several of them expressed interest in HIKUTA, I of course referred them to your site.
Thank you for this fantastic material!
Jared Pettit

P.S. I also sparred with a Jeet Kune Do instructor (with gloves, headgear, and shin-guards on). I delivered a Hikuta fist, double bar jar combo three times in a row and he was incapable of stopping my attacks.  After that he said his neck hurt and we stopped sparring. Even tho he is an advanced and experienced martial artist and fighter in a "reality" system he was totally unable to deal with the speed and power of Hikuta - even tho I had toned it down for him!


I hope this email finds you and yours well.

I was going through some old emails and I found some of our correspondence from the time you were just starting your Hikuta Correspondence Course.

I was very excited about your course and learning about Hikuta. But, then was misled by second rate close-quarter combat "experts".
I just wanted to say that I am sorry for what part I may have played when they tried to smear you and Hikuta.  None of them would listen when I tried to tell them you were more qualified in self defense than just about anyone.

I am happy to see that your Hikuta Web Site and Courses are still up and running. I was recently at a shooting seminar at Hocking Police College in Ohio were I met a head firearms instructor from a major city out there.

We went out for one night, and we talked a lot about DT and Self Defense and the programs we both worked with.  Strangely enough, the topic turned to HIKUTA.  He had bought the DOK Lee tapes years ago and still practiced from them.  He considered it the best self defense for combat he had ever come across.

He did not know there was anyone still teaching.  I told him about you and Al Abidin and we talked for a while about our individual results from practicing from Hikuta’s materials.

It is amazing the amount of force that a person can develop without feeling it in yourself.  The strikes seem to hit the hardest when you are paying the least attention to them and just let them happen naturally from the body.
God Bless,
Jim O

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